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What a micro centrifuge is and how does it work?

Mini and micro centrifuge is a type of lab tool widely used in blood banks. It is a small mechanical tool using centrifugal force, driven by high speed horizontal rotation. The rotation helps to spin solids separately from liquids or from other kinds of liquids. Introduced during 1700, micro centrifuges are an essential tool for a range of labs for scientific use. Today, many suppliers and manufacturers are providing mini microcentrifuge tools and you must deal with a supplier who has the expertise to provide you good back up after purchase. 

iFuge M08 – The Smart Personal MicroCentrifuges

iFuge M08 – The Smart Personal MicroCentrifuges
Micro centrifuges cost about $3000 or more, depending upon the model you choose for your lab. Smaller types are also available for smaller work environments and they are a little more compact and fit even on a counter. If you buy a few at a time, then you can get good discount and also help you save money in the long run. Calculate the number of centrifuges you need before you purchase so that you could save while buying more at a time. You can also get advanced micro centrifuges such as ventilated or refrigerated for your lab. 

iFuge M24P – The Lab Champion

iFuge M24P – The Lab Champion
Since a micro centrifuge can be dangerous, you have to be careful when using the tool. A centrifuge does not include sharp edges but when it spins fast around tens of thousands times per minutes, it can definitely hurt you if you are placing your hand in the wrong place at the wrong time. Centrifuges that don’t have on/off switches are controlled by a lid and more users are looking for these tools, considering it as a safety precaution option. The lid will control the tool when it is closed and start spinning action only when it is on. In case if the lid is took out, the tool will stop the process. 

This type of mini microcentrifuge is widely used for various fluid type applications because it will separate the liquids to define sickness, which can take place in the urine or blood samples. When the liquids are separated due to fast spinning, you will be able to define what exactly you are looking for. Centrifuges have been around for long years and it has become a popular device that labs are used to define a range of diseases through bodily liquids. 

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