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Choosing micro-centrifuge carefully

A microcentrifuge is a very important lab equipment that has many applications like biological applications, like pelleting nucleic acids or proteins from solution, microfiltration of small aqueous samples or simply to gather those last previous drops of liquid into the bottom of the tube. The microcentrifuge spins the liquid samples in test tubes at very high speeds thus producing such results. However there are several factors to consider prior to selecting a micro centrifuge as explained here.

iFuge M08 – The Smart Personal MicroCentrifuges

iFuge M08 – The Smart Personal MicroCentrifuges

Capacity and size:

The maximum number of samples tubes that the centrifuge can hold in one run is called the capacity of the micro-centrifuge device. The size of the test tubes used inside the micro – centrifuge also varies at times. Many micro-centrifuge rotors can spin 18 to 24, 1.5ml to 2.0 ml tubes. Thus it really comes down to the requirements of the laboratory as to how many samples are processed in a day and at one time. What is vital to look out for if you require an unusual size of the tube and thus select the microcentrifuge accordingly.


It is necessary to use hazardous materials in test tubes inside the centrifuge device. People are usually hesitant in handing hazardous substances and rightly so. This is especially because there are always chances that the test tube may break while handling or transporting it. In addition to which it is also possible that the test tube may break while in operation; this would cause the laboratory to be contaminated thus defeating the purpose of the experiment.  It is also good to make sure that the spinning micro-centrifuge has an auto shutdown mechanism. As soon as the lid opens during operation the microcentrifuge should automatically shut down. The rotor lids are at times made from plastic or metal. While plastic lids can be transparent and prevent corrosion the metallic ones too have their advantages like they are stronger for example and thus won’t break that easily.


A microcentrifuge is used day in and day out in a laboratory and thus can take a toll on the operator. Thus it is essential that they are easy to use and do not stress the operator. Thus if the device is easy to use and operate this will improve the performance of the operator who then is less likely to make any mistakes. The microcentrifuge device with interchangeable rotors allows the device to perform many different functions as well.

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