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Micro Centrifuge to Process Small Volumes

Centrifuges are advanced equipments employed to separate particles from a solution, and are available in different sizes, shape and density. They are regarded as an essential device for lab processes. Centrifugation is the process performed at labs using centrifuges, and is considered as the best way to separate samples from components. Micro centrifuge is one of the popular types available in centrifuge category, which are used for sedimentation of mixtures that are often used in labs and industries. These equipments have an electric motor that puts an object in rotation. This is performed in fixed axis that put perpendicular force to the axis. 

iFuge M08 – The Smart Personal MicroCentrifuges

iFuge M08 – The Smart Personal MicroCentrifuges
Mini microcentrifuge is also available that works on the sedimentation principle in which small objects pass on the top and big particles wind down at the bottom. As mentioned earlier, centrifuges are available in different designs and models, you have to consider certain prime factors while buying a centrifuge. These factors are necessary to ensure the longevity of the product and to determine whether it is easy to use, reliable and safe. Micro centrifuges are integrated with safety features including auto unbalance detection, zero RPM lid lock, shut down and rotor recognition. Unlike general purpose centrifuges, mini microcentrifuge comes in smaller size that ensures high convenience for most users.

Micro centrifuges can be easily moved from one place to another and is integrated with state-of-the-art technologies. These are mainly used for biological research to process small quantities of biological molecules. They can hold 0.5-2ml of liquid and function at a speed of 12000-13000 rpm. Microcentrifuges are smaller that fits to the table top and feature rotors that can immediately change the speed. These centrifuges can handle big samples volume and can also get into higher angular velocity. Rotors of these machines include different adapters that hold components of different sizes like bottles, test tubes or micro titer plates. 

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