Friday, 10 May 2013

Labs are a more Fun Place

I remember as a kid, the enthusiasm to work in a science laboratory always had me excited. I was always dreaming of working with hi-tech machines, latest gadgets, scientific tools, and smart scientists all around. But now when I started working, I realized that as a scientist my work’s success depends equally on my ability to understand and the working of the machines and gadgets I use to do my analysis and study. Nothing makes more sense in a lab than the right instruments and accurate working tools. I work with Lab centrifuges and I have realized that the best are the ones from Neuation.

Laboratory centrifuge machines are used widely for a lot of purposes and tests, especially when it comes to biology related science work. Working with team from Neuation when they came to install the machines and set them up, I was surprised how diverse and technologically advanced the lab centrifuges are and how I was limited in my scope of their use. With help from the right people, I am able to use the machines in a much more smarter and efficient way now. They make great machines that deliver results, value and ease of use.
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