Thursday, 30 May 2013

Laboratory Centrifuge - amazing ranges to select from

Centrifuges are inevitable factors to handle multiplications in hospital, clinics, laboratories, institutional labs, industrial laboratories and in research institutes and laboratories. With the help of most modern technologies present laboratory centrifuge are made with unique and innovative features to support variety of rotors. Apart from this the centrifuge assures features including automatic rotor recognition, USB connectivity, software upgrades and more. Present models support more than 20 rotors and hence multiple separations can be handled at a single time.

Tip: Get advanced lab centrifuge to enjoy multiple separation at a time.

Get lab centrifuges with innovative features 

iFugeL30 Laboratory Centrifuges - Upcoming Range

Present lab centrifuges come with advanced programmable unit and large LCD display screen. The equipment helps the end user to save more than 90 programs and to control the process with the help of LCD screen. The speed can be adjusted easily to assure maximum perfection for the process. Lab centrifuges can be easily customized or upgraded as per the needs and wants of the laboratories in separating the components from given solutions.

Tip: Lab centrifuges with innovative features assure easy and effective component separation. is one of the repute lab centrifuge manufacturers to provide quality centrifuges at affordable rates.

Summary: Laboratory centrifuges with advanced features helps the laboratories, hospitals, institutions and more to enjoy safe, speed and smart separation process.

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