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Micro-centrifuges - Centrifuges from Neuation

A Micro-centrifuge is laboratory equipment that is driven by a motor. It spins liquid samples at a very high speed. There are many different kinds of micro-centrifuges depending upon the size and the sample capacity. It also depends on the nature of the sample for example some of the samples are temperature sensitive.  The basic principle behind the working or a micro-centrifuge is that it uses centripetal acceleration to separate the substances of different densities.

iFuge M08 – The Smart Personal MicroCentrifuges

Neuation has the right kind of micro-centrifuge for just about any application. It mainly offers Micro-Centrifuges for research laboratories for the processing of low volume samples. They supply bench-top micro-centrifuges like the personal centrifuges. In addition to which they also provide refrigerated micro-centrifuges that can take up to 44 micro tubes. These micro-centrifuges are highly efficient and are also microprocessor controlled.  Actually it is the smart centrifuges that are microprocessor controlled. There are several applications possible like spin down and microfiltration, cell separations and simple clinical as well as specific biotech/PCR work for DNA/RNA extractions and even complex research applications covering a wide range of protocols for speeds up to 15000 rpm.

iFuge M12 – Table Top Genius

There are several micro-centrifuges designed by Neuation to assist lab technicians in their work with next generation feature like speed, silence, convenience and safety. This includes micro-centrifuges with rotors of micro tube volumes of 8, 12, 18, 23 and 44 tubes. The programmable micro centrifuge come with large and legible display, intuitive user interface, software with USB connectivity with remote terminal operation and future upgrades and auto imbalance detection.

The several different micro-centrifuges developed by Neuation are mentioned as below:
  • i Fuge M08:  Consists of a 8 place closed rotor for 1.5/2 ml micro tubes.
  • i Fuge M08VT:  Consists of a 8 place closed rotor for 1.5 / 2 ml micro tubes with variable speed. (1000 – 6000 RPM)
  • i Fuge M12:   Consists of a 12 place closed rotor with Metal safety Lid.
  • i Fuge M18P: Consists of a 18 place closed rotor with Metal safety Lid.
  • i Fuge M24P:  Consists of a 24 slot closed rotor with Aerosol Lid.
  • i Fuge M24PR: Consists of a 24 slot closed rotor with Aerosol Lid. It is also programmable with automatic rotor detection system.
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