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Micro centrifuge tubes

A Microcentrifuge is a small mechanical device that uses the centrifugal force created by high speed horizontal rotation. The Micro centrifuge is used to separate many different densities of material in micro centrifuge tubes.  The process carried out in this way will separate solids from liquids or liquids from other liquids. The particles with different densities will be separated in such a manner that those with high density will move along the length of the micro centrifuge tubes and those with lighter density will be displaced at the other end of the micro centrifuge tube. The centrifuge has had a great impact in the medical world when it comes to the diagnostics and investigation of liquid samples and this in spite the fact that  centrifuge is a relatively new innovation in the scientific and medical community.

The centrifuge basically consists of a fixed base or frame and a rotating part where an object is placed and then spun at a very high speed. The micro centrifuge tubes used contain the specimens which will be placed in the rotating section and securely held in place by the way of holders. They are arranged such that when the rotary motion begins the micro centrifuge tubes will swing into a slanted or a horizontal position with he open ends towards  the axis of the rotation. During this process the heavy particles of the liquid will be pushed towards the bottom of the micro centrifuge tube while the lighter particles will rise to the top of the tube.

These micro centrifuge tubes are chemically resistant to alcohols an d mild solvents. They are sterilized with ethylene oxide. Such tubes are intentionally made translucent thus allowing easy viewing of the contents.

Neuation is one company that offers state of the art Microcentrifuges that can be used for several different applications in the research labs. These range from the personal centrifuges to refrigerated Micro Centrifuges which can take upto 44 micro tubes. These micro centrifuges are microprocessor controlled and smart centrifuges with high efficiency.  Neuation products are designed and developed in house, in their own user centric design process center. Great care is taken to consider the ease of useability of these devices.

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