Friday, 8 February 2013

Best Lab Centrifuge by Neuation

Neuation has always been at the forefront of the centrifuge technology market. The new range of Lab Centrifuges is one more feather in the Neuation cap. The company is also expecting its global certification very soon. It has advances in leaps and bounds in the creation of these lab equipments.

i Fuge L30 

Latest additions
The company has added an entire new range of advanced centrifuges. The iFuge D06 and iFuge are the latest entrants into this market. The iFuge L30 has a big back-lit LCD display and runs upto 4 lines with a maximum capacity of .5 ltr with upto 99 programs. It has a rapid spin function and is used widely in laboratory applications. The PPP (platelet poor plasma) and PRP (platelet rich plasma) experiments require optimisation. The iFuge D06 design does just that. It is also used in DNA and RNA sampling applications.

Its Advantages
These centrifuges provide high performance at an inexpensive cost. They have power-saver features and are equipped with large LCD screens. They are compatible for environmental balance and are an excellent choice for most labs.

Perfection in technology
This is what Neuation technology has always promised and delivered on. It is used in sectors such as clinical and blood banking, molecular biology, proteomics and genomics, microbiology and tissue culture.

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