Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Micro Centrifuges – Get High Quality

Micro centrifuge is small mechanical device used in laboratories and food processing units to separate solid from liquid or low density solids from high density solutions. The products are made with quality rotors that rotate with high speed in horizontal way. Microcentrifuges are designed in different sizes and at present they are widely used in different laboratories for the scientific use. There are smaller types of centrifuges which are apt for smaller work areas and can be easily fit on the counter.

Separate solids from liquids 

Micro centrifuges are used to separate solids from liquids. Different types of liquid will have different components or different densities. The solids with different densities can be separated with the help of this device. The solutions used in research and test are subjected to this process to make the research and test so effective and perfect. With this equipment, the solutions can be preserved, stored and separated in a scientific way. Micro centrifuges are designed in different shapes to suit the need of different labs.

Get it from trusted manufactures


There are several manufactures that provide high quality micro centrifuges at affordable rates. www.neuation.com is one of the well said centrifuge manufacture who provides centrifuges in modern functional features to all types of labs.

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